We have lots of opportunity to volunteer to help prevent homelessness and lend a hand to our neighbors who are without housing. Our absolute number one need with really no close second, is to help fill volunteer shifts at the overnight host sites throughout the county. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our families and a great way for families in the community to give back together.  As long as there is one volunteer who is over 21 years old on each shift, we welcome volunteers of all ages.

If you are affiliated with a local house of worship, very likely your congregation helps as as either a host or support church. If so, find out how you can help with the work associated with hosting (cooking meals, staying with guests, moving beds, etc).   Check the Congregation List to see if your church is a member of our host network.  If you are not affiliated with a congregation NO PROBLEM!  We would love to have you volunteer at a host site close to your home or work.  Just fill out the volunteer application below and return it to us and we will connect you with a host site.  This is our most urgent and important need!

Here are a few other ways that you might be able to help with some less urgent needs:

  • The Culinary Angels from Church of the Holy Spirit provide healthy, home-cooked meals for Family Promise clients who have found housing but still need help being lifted out of poverty. To see how you can help with this wonderful ministry, contact Church of the Holy Spirit at 908-236-6301.
  • Our clients who are seeking or who have recently found housing always need help with furniture and home goods. To donate gently used or new items or to help with storage or transportation of these items, contact the Family Promise office.  Please note that we have no storage space for items, so this may require some patience on your end until we have a recipient who needs it and we thank you for that patience!
  • Host a pet for a family in our shelter program until they find permanent housing.  This happens rarely, but if you are interested, contact the Family Promise office.

Our Volunteer Application can be found here: Volunteer Application, please complete and send back to Pam at info@familypromisehc.org Thank you!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   – Margaret Mead