Community Report

In 2020, we assisted 45 families with various housing and basic needs items. Some of the support we provided include rental arrears, shelter, security deposits, car insurance & payments, clothing, and more. Despite having to navigate through a global pandemic, we were able to ensure that 13 families were sheltered after becoming  homeless. Unfortunately, the lingering effects of the pandemic has decreased our network of host sites for providing night stays. We were forced to shift to sheltering families in hotels in 2020, which is much more costly than our traditional model of housing families in unused spaces at houses of worship. For this reason, we are establishing a Residential Support Center where we will be able to house up to six families at any given time. To do this, we need the support of our Hunterdon County communities so that together, we can keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe and supported when facing housing instability or loss. Our work is more critical than ever with eviction moratoriums ensing soon. Please consider a donation of any size to support our Residential Support Center by clicking here

In addition to the 45 families we served, we also supported 142 children and 77 adults in need of our services. While our model is changing, the need for our services has increased steadily. We are now seeing more and more seniors in need of housing support that are 70 and older. We simply cannot let our neighbors, our family, be without a home. 

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