Shelter Services

Our shelter is made up of an inter-denominational network of 15 host and 31 support congregations and over 1,000 community volunteers who provide: shelter, meals, security, companionship and respect for homeless families and individuals.  This is not a religious organization; rather it is a program that takes advantage of under-utilized space at houses of worship.  Our professional staff helps families resolve their homelessness, each weekday from 7 am–5 pm at the day shelter in Flemington.  At the end of the weekday, and on weekends, our families go “home” via the Link public transportation to one of our host congregations.  At the shelter sites, volunteers welcome the families with a home-cooked meal every night, served with love.  It is, at its core, a highly successful program of neighbors helping neighbors.  Above all, it is a program, not just shelter, in that guests work with a case manager to: develop a case plan, find opportunities for education/employment, and commit to long-term goals to help themselves work out of poverty and the conditions that led to their homelessness.

There are many benefits to this unique shelter partnership:


  • Families stay together in safe homelike shelters
  • About 90% of our families maintain permanent housing
  • Families meet many volunteers who become friends, mentors and provide a valuable support network


  • Opportunity to help families directly, to feel that you can make a difference in someone’s life locally
  • Rare chance for families to volunteer together, even with young children
  • A meaningful, and desperately needed volunteer opportunity


  • Opportunity for outreach to work with the needs of people in their own community
  • Increased sense of community among members as they work together in a shared mission
  • Excellent way to make use of under-utilized space


  • Cost-efficient mobilization of community resources
  • Provides an alternative to institutionalized shelter as a solution to homelessness
  • Neighbors are caring for neighbors – increased awareness about the issue of poverty

If you are in need of shelter services, please contact our office at (908) 782-2490

After 4:30pm – Call 211 for assistance.